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.*General Knowledge*

*Pakistan History MCQs*

1. When Mohammedan Educational Conference was formed?
Ans. *1866*

2. When British Indian Association was formed?
Ans. *May, 1866*

3. When Indian National Congress was formed?
Ans. *1885*

4. Who formed Indian Patriotic Association?
Ans. *Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in 1888*

5. Who was the founder of Mohammedan Defense Association?
Ans. *Sir Syed Ahmad Khan*

6. Who was the founder of Indian National Congress?
Ans. *Allen Octivian Hume*

7. Who was the founder of Brahmoo Samaj?
Ans. *Raja Ram Mohan Ray*

8. Who was the founder of Parathna Samaj?
Ans. *Dr. Atama Ray Pand Ring*

9. Who was the founder of Deo-Samaj?
Ans. *Sita Mand Agnihotri*

10. Who was the founder of Ram Krishan Messia?
Ans. *Ram Krishan Persat*

11. Who was the founder of Arya Samaj?
Ans. *Dianand Sarswati*

12. When Anjuman Himayat Islam was established?
Ans. *24 September 1884*

13. Who was the first President of Anjuman Himayat Islam?
Ans. *Khalifa Hamid-ud-Din*

14. When Islamia College Railway Road was established?
Ans. *1907*

15. When Islamia College for Girls Copper Road was established?
Ans. *1939*

16. When Hindi-Urdu Controversy started?
Ans. *1867*

17. When Indian Council Act was enforced?
Ans. *1861 and 1892*

18. When Bengal was partitioned?
Ans. *1905*

19. Who was the head of Simla Deputation?
Ans. *Sir Agha Khan*

20. Majlis Khadam-e-Kaba was established in?
Ans. *1913*

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