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css & pms preparation free

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css & pms preparation free

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CSS and PMS are the most competitive examinations in Pakistan. Acing the exams are not so easy people think to be; however, they are not so difficult if one comes to understand the tips and tricks of cracking and acing them.
In this respect, IR is widely considered and accepted as the best ever subject for acing both CSS and PMS.

Now, the question arises in mind that why IR?

The most simple answer is that IR is a multidimensional subject encompasses a wide scope: International politics, International and Regional Organisations, International Political Economy, Diplomacy, International Law, History, Strategic Studies, Geopolitics, Environment and Energy, Comprehensive National Security, Contemporary Global Issues and Terrorism etc.
Hence, due to its multidisciplinary nature the subject enlightens, acquaints and exposes the aspirants to a wide range of knowledge and literature.
In addition, the subject overlaps many other subjects: International Law in particular and Current Affairs, Pakistan Affairs, British, European and US histories in general.

Interested aspirants contact for further details.

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