Current affairs ppsc and fpsc 2023 203

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Current affairs ppsc and fpsc 2023 203

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General portion questions

1.current DG ISPR... Major General Ahmed Sharif

2. Which Pakistani player took retirement form cricket after Eng loss.... Azhar Ali

3. First President of Muslim League...Aga Khan III

4.Pakistan connect with tajikstan by which corridor... Wakhan

5. Which country is not connected directly to Pakistan by border

6. The corridor which separates Tajkistan from Pakistan is called... Wakhan

7 1973 constitution delcares Pakistan to be parliamentary system

8 Badshahi mosque built by.. Aurangzeb

9. Which country not part of EU...

10. Shah Jahan masjid is located in which city..Thatta

11. Current female deputy commissioner of Balochistan..Ayesha Zehri

12. 2nd highest peak of world.... K2

13. K-2 second name.... Godwin-Austen

14. Tupu sultan died on....May 4, 1799

15. Two official languages of NATO are....French and English

16 UN was founded in....24 October 1945

17. 3rd position of which team in FIFA 2022 .. Croatia

18. which country has two largest mines .....

19. The 2022 Peace Prize is awarded to human rights advocate Ales Bialiatski from which country..... Belarus

20. Youngest daughter of Prophet Saw....Fatima r.a

21. Second name of surah tauba:: AL-BARA'AT
22. Longest ayat of quran.... 282 of surah baqra

23. Suurah Yaseen is in which parah....22 and 23

24. Hajj was made obligatory in which Hijri....9 Hijri

25. Oldest mosque on earth....Masjid-ul-Haram

26.Which namaz offer for solar eclipse:: Salat-ul-Kusuf

27. Who was the first commander of islamic army? Hazrat Hamza

28. The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, also known by.... Sultan Ahmet Mosque

29. Which bank has warned that Pakistan is now at a high risk of currency crisis? Nomura Japanese bank

30. When Pakistan removed from FATF. 21 oct 2022

31. When namaz was made Farz... 10th nabvi

32. loxodonta is scientific name of which animal/Bird :: African elephant

33. Which Renowned actor and comedian died on 24th November 2022? Ismail Tara

34. Addis Ababa capital of which country... Ethiopia..

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