Junior Clerk Punjab Police

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Junior Clerk Punjab Police

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#Junior Clerk Punjab Police

PPSC Test held 21-11-2021
1. Shiekh amed sirhindi started jihad movements against? Deen e Elahi
2. 2. I wish my father was alive today? Jizya
3. 3. Tax collected from prisoner is called?
4. 4. Formula of Washing soda is? Na₂CO₃ Sodium Carbonate.
5. 5. To poke the nose isom means?
6. 6. Which mountain located in south of pakistan? Kirthar
7. 7. Largest island of pakistan is?..Manora
8. 8. Ludukh have how may districts?
9. 9. Eco established n?..1985
10. 10. Imf established in? 27 Dec 1944
11. 11. First Gulf nation to complete FATF agreement ?KSA (Yehi question tha statement yad nhi)?
12:Death date of ALLAMA IQBAL: 21 April 1938
13:Current JCSC: Gen Nadeem Raza
14:At 1st which country recognised Pakistan: Iran
15:How many surah in Parah 30 of AlQuran: 37
16:Hazrat Ayesha RA WIFE OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD PBUH is the daughter of which sahabi e rasool SAWW: Umm e Ruman of Abu Baaar
17:Warsak Dam is located at: KPK Kabul
18:Area of Pakistan: 881,913sqkm.

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