ASF important mcqs

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ASF important mcqs

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*Most important Questions For ASF All Exams*
1: DG ASF ? Major General Abid Latif Khan
2: what is The Motto Of ASF ? FIRM & Courteous
3: ASF Abbreviation? Airport security Force
4:ASF Formed? 1976; 46 years ago
5: How many airports are under ASF in Pakistan? 42 airports
6: Current Deputy Director General ASF? Brig. Imran ul Haq SI (M), 
7: Which Airport is the biggest airport of Pakistan? New Islamabad International Airport 
8:Who is the current secretary general of the United Nation? Antonio Guterres
9:Name the first Pakistani bank which started its operation on 1947? HBL
10: who is the head of the Airports Security Force (ASF) as per the ASF Act 1975? (DG) Director General
11: Who was the first Directors General of Airport security force ASF? GP Capt M.Y Khan
12: ASF headquarters is located in? Karachi
13: Airports Security Force (ASF) is under the ministry of _______? Aviation Division
14: The Term Hijacking refer to ? Unlawful seizure of aircraft
15: ASF is a _________ department.? Federal
16: ASF was raised under ASF Act__? 1975
17: ASF HQ was Formed in which year?1976
18:Main functions of ASF at Airports is/are?
Air Traffic Control
Security of Passengers
Baggage handling
19: The ASF is mainly responsible for security of ? airports and aircraft
20: The head of the Airports Security Force (ASF) shall be appointed by the_________, According to ASF Act 1975? Federal Government

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