competitive exam true stories

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competitive exam true stories

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My life story started like this:
Matric 2005 (47%) Bio
Inter 2007 (55%) I.C.S
B.A 2009 (48%) Economics
Job started as an office assistant 2011
Typing course in 2012
M.A English 2015 (Failed)
Job dismissed in 2019 May
Digital Marketing course in 2020
Computer Foundation 2020
So far I have given 7 tests from PPSC and 3 tests from FPSC. In which I have taken the highest marks 42/100 so far.

Life lesson: From 2011 to 2019, when I was working, I did not know about the competition exam (PPSC/FPSC) at all. I understand that this was the turning point of my life from where I could be successful and today I am standing alone in the middle of the road due to lack of information. I am 33 years old as of today.

I cannot say that the PPSC exam is fake when I have corrected my hundred percent paper and in return failed me in vain.

Today I am very fond of becoming a doctor but I have wasted my time and when life gave me a chance, I was not at all fond of becoming a doctor.

Today, when I see my defeat with my own eyes, I do not understand that I am laughing at my defeat or should I cry over the matter of wasting my time.

Log kehty hein 10 Lac hamay do, job mil jaye gi. Me jawab deta hon un sabko, bhai mere agar me 10, 20 ya 50 Lac job k liye du, tu is sy behtar ni k me wohi pese Invest kar du compounding k liye. 🤔

Mere sath jo kuch hoa, me accept karta hon. Ghalti ki ye saza milti chahye thi mujhe. Bas aik baat ka afsos bohot hai, agar pata hota mujhe is zillat ka, tu kabhi study sy pechy na hat'ta. PPSC ka kisi BC ny mujhe nahi bataya warna..🙏

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Re: competitive exam true stories

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