Today paper 20.10.2018 Excise & TAXATION HQ Paper

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Today paper 20.10.2018 Excise & TAXATION HQ Paper

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Today paper 20.10.2018 Excise & TAXATION HQ Paper
Few Questions

● The World's biggest Man-made water is in Guizhou, China.

● Pakistan joined Baghdad Pact in 1955.

● Chief Election Commissioner was the Returning Officer in current Presidential Election in Pakistan.

● The Ryder Cup is associated with Golf.

● France was the first country in the world to implement GST (General Sales Tax)

● The 13 stars in Malaysian Flag represent 13 member states.

● Iran has recently banned English Language for primary level of Education.

● Ahmad Bin Bella, the Algerian freedom fighter, became the first president of Algeria.

● Franjo Trudman was the first President of Croatia.

● Tooth decay is caused due to deficiency of Flourine.

● The largest Cantonmnet in Pakistan is situated in Kharian.

● The first to be born in Madina after Hijrat was Hazrat Abdullah ibn-e-Zubair.

● Abdul Hafeez Kardar was a cricketer who played both for Pakistsn and India.

● Pasni harbour is located in Balochistan.

● Bhanbhore is ancient ruins near Karachi, Sindh.

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