Hi all, I have health anxiety

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Hi all, I have health anxiety

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Hi all, I have health anxiety and I am convinced that I have an infection....I feel so unwell with no energy at all....My whole body has been aching and I have a lot of dizziness. When I wake in the morning I struggle to get up because I'm already tired and this morning I have to go and have blood tests and the journey to the doctors made me feel like I would be s* and poo myself all at the same time....can this really be anxiety with no other cause???? I also have jaw ache and my hips and sides hurt......basically I'm falling apart....

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Re: Hi all, I have health anxiety

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It's crucial to consult an online doctor in Pakistan or a medical professional to rule out any underlying health issues. They can provide you with accurate advice after assessing your situation and the blood test results. Health anxiety can definitely cause a wide range of symptoms. Remember, seeking help from a doctor will provide you with clarity and the right steps to address your concerns. Stay strong, take care, and consider reaching out to online doctor services in Pakistan for further guidance.

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